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Stress Phone Armchair

It's the irony of handheld devices that one of the first features most people ask about is the hands-free feature. But there are so many other features (speakerphone, video playback, music playback) that are more convenient if you can just rest that phone against something. That's why phone holders make such wonderful promotional accessories, since they allow your potential clients to simply enjoy those hands-free features without worrying about the phone falling over. Our original stress shape has been specifically designed to comfortably hold a huge range of mobile devices securely within the 2cm gap behind the chair's arms. Unfortunately, sometimes a hands-free feature isn't enough to ease someone's thoughts and that's when they need a stress reliever. And if you can't decide whether to hand out phone holders or stress relievers at the next big promotional event, have we got a giveaway item for you.
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Fits a huge range of mobile devices in both portrait and landscape positions
  • Get your logo, slogan, or custom artwork prominently displayed on the front and back
new squashy material
Product dimensions Height 85mm x Width 74mm x Depth 80mm
Packaging Individually Polybagged
Pieces per carton 200
Carton Weight 9.00 kg
Carton dimensions Height 63cm x Width 33cm x Depth 36cm
Product dimensions and packing details shown are a guide and may vary from the above, please call us on +44 (0) 1296 436565 for confirmation
Print Position Print Area Print Method Maximum Print Colours
Front 40mm Tampo 4
Back 18mm x 50mm Tampo 4
Base (Front) 30mm x 10mm Tampo 4
Front 30mm Transfer Full Colour
Back 18mm x 40mm 30mm Transfer Full Colour
Base (Front) 30mm x 40mm Transfer Full Colour

Would like to print to an unlisted area?
Please contact our sales department with your request as we can print this product in almost any location.

Print areas and maximum print colours are a guide and may vary from the above subject to sight of your artwork, please call us to confirm.

The Stress Phone Armchair is available in Black, Red, Blue, White .

Would you like this product in your own colours?
We can manufactured this product in any pantone colour of your choice.



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