Waterproof Bags

  • Minimum:10pcs | Size:H385 x D280mm | Print Area:100 x 100mm

    This fantastic 100% waterproof dry bag will protect your precious items from Water, Sand and Dirt.

    Made from thick durable (500D) PVC and comes with a clip on shoulder strap.

    Available is a selection of colours and a number of sizes you will be sure to find something that will suit your needs.

    Ideal for keeping your valuables safe and secure when your on the beach, canoeing or rafting or cycling outside.


    • 100% Waterproof
    • Selections of Colours and Sizes Available
    • Protects from Water, Sand & Dirt
    • Manufactured from tough nylon-coated PVC tarpaulin
    • Product size H385 x D280mm
  • Minimum:pcs | Size:H205 x W105 x D10mm | Print Area:15 x 30mm

    This Touch Ability PVC waterproof phone pouch with clip lock watertight seal is the perfect accessory for use in places where there is a risk of the phone getting splashed or submerged.

    The pouch comes available with a handy neck lanyard or adjustable arm strap making it highly suitable for use at the beach, around the swimming pool or use by lakes and rivers, allowing you to continue to use your device without the worry of it getting wet.


    • Water tight seal
    • PVC Material
    • Clip lock water tight seal
    • Handy Neck lanyard or Adjustable arm strap
    • Highly suitable for use at the beach or around the swimming pool
    • Product size H205 x W105 x D10mm