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Create your own bespoke stress product or keyring!

With a minimum order of only 500 pieces, you can have your own unique custom shape.

step 1

Step 1

Send us a photo or an illustration of a shape you’d like to create

step 2

Step 2

We will send you a digital 3D model of the product as well as a 3D printed version if required

step 3

Step 3

We will get to work producing your custom shape and printing it with your chosen artwork

step 4

Step 4

After quality control we ship them to you or your client under plain cover

key features

Why a custom stress ball?

Stress balls make a fun and memorable gift and a fantastic promotional tool that clearly identifies your product or service separating you from your competitors.

What can be achieved?

The detail of stress items which we can produce is truly astonishing from scaled models of trains to the faces of presidents the possibilities are almost limitless.

What are the minimums?

Astonishingly only 500 pieces far less than other moulding process.

Can I brand them?

Yes you can brand your bespoke stress shape with your logo and details. Please see our printing page for full details on printing.

What are the colour options?

We can match any pantone colour.

What are the costs?

Firstly there are no moulding charges! The costs of a special shape is subject to the size and completely of the design and volume of your order however many customers find the cost to be far less than originally thought so please request a quotation.

Some fantastic examples of previous jobs

custom stress printer
custom stress army truck
custom stress parrot
custom stress car
custom stress control
custom stress dinosaur keyring
custom stress sensor
custom stress totem
custom stress plane keyring
custom stress turbine
custom stress eye

Select a size to request a quotation

custom stress small

50mm x 40mm x 30mm (perfect keyring size)

custom stress medium

100 x 50 x 50mm

custom stress large

150 x 80 x 80mm