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Use our End-User Website -

It's a great selling tool to help you easily showcase our products to your clients.


Increase your profit

By linking your website to ours you will instantly increase your product range unleashing the potential of more sales and profit.


Save time

Sometimes clients aren’t quite sure which product they are looking for and it can take time quoting and offering up ideas on a multitude of products however by passing on the details of our end user website they can browse at their own pace to narrow down their selection.


Always be up to date

The end user website is in sync with our main site so any product updates we make or new products we add will be instantly available to your clients.

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Our details removed

We have removed our contact details to keep your supply chain confidential and to keep your customers loyal to you.

How to link to our end user website

The simplest way to link to us is to create a <a href> using the code below. Simply copy and paste the code to where you would like the link to appear on your website and change the "YOUR LINK TITLE HERE" placeholder to your own tile. The link will open our end user website in a new tab or window so your customer still has your website open at the same time.

<a href="" target="_blank">YOUR LINK TITLE HERE</a>

Alternatively for a more embedded option you could create a <iframe> to show the website within yours, click here for more information about <iframe> and the below code example will help you with this method.

<iframe src="" width="100%"> </iframe>