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Product Description

Hacky sacks are a worldwide game played by thousands of people around the world every day.

Hacky sacks have been a popular game for hundreds of years tracing back to Japan, Malaysia and China.

Hacky sacks combined quick reflexes, foot-eye co-ordination and flexibility, making it a great way to exercise and keep fit, but most importantly it is about enjoying yourself and keeping that hacky sack in the air.

Made from quality materials for maximum performance.

Great for promoting your brand and make an ideal school fundraiser.

Our classic hacky sacks are fantastic for juggling, kicking and team building, easy to learn for all ages.

A fun way to showcase your logo in up to a full colour print.

Key Features

  • Great way to exercise and keep fit
  • Improves foot-eye co-ordination and flexibility
  • Fantastic for juggling, kicking and team building
  • Easy to learn for all ages
  • Ideal for promotions and fundraisers
  • Product size H50 x W50 x D50 x Dia.50mm


Product Code:


Item Size:

H50 x W50 x D50 x Dia.50mm

Print Areas

Side 1 - Dia 25mm - Tampo
Side 2 - Dia 25mm - Tampo
Side 1 - Dia 20mm - Digital
Side 2 - Dia 20mm - Digital

Packing Details

Inner Carton:

Bulk Packed (individually polybagged on request)

Pieces to Outer Carton:


Outer Carton Details:

52 x 22 x 23cm (11.00kgs)

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