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Product Description

The MopTopper Phone Stand is a great promotional, stress relieving gift for anyone in your target audience.

Multi-purpose items are always great for promoting your organization or business.

Basically, the more functions an item has, the more often it will be used and the more often it gets used, the more often people will see your brand imprint.

In addition, with desk space being so limited, a multi-purpose item allows you to conserve space by providing two or more items that only take up the space of one.

So instead of cluttering a desk with a stress reliever, a phone holder, and a touch screen cleaner (all important office accessories), why not just have one item that performs all three functions?

Key Features

  • Microfibre hair functions as a screen cleaner
  • 3 large print areas to push your brand or message
  • Unique design that allows it to be used to hold phones and tablets
  • Product size H90 x W67 x D67mm


Product Code:


Item Size:

H90 x W67 x D67mm

Print Areas

Front Stand - 15 x 30mm - Tampo
Front Stand - 15 x 30mm - Transfer
Back - 30 x 20mm - Tampo
Back - 30 x 20mm - Transfer
Front (Below Smile) - 25 x 30mm - Tampo
Front (Below - 25 x 30mm - Transfer

Packing Details

Inner Carton:

Individually Polybagged

Pieces to Outer Carton:


Outer Carton Details:

41 x 50 x 41cm (6.50kgs)

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